Hard floors take a knocking in working environments.

After time, high traffic wear and tear force up repair and maintenance budgets.

Replacement is costly and demands days of downtime.

That’s why more businesses are turning to restoration – and the Wearmax Ceramic Coating from Samsic.

The world’s first high-performance floor coating with ceramic particles embedded into its surface layer, Wearmax offers the option to restore existing finishes or re-colourise them to your design requirements.

Warranted for up to 10 years, Wearmax significantly increases the lifespan and appearance of floors.

A typical 500 sq m application of Wearmax clear finish offers an 80% saving in time against floor maintenance and up to 60% in capital expenditure (capex).


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Linoleum: a colour application of Wearmax brings up a new floor…

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Split-applying Wearmax enabling the continued use of resources...

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An application of Wearmax on wood substrate: installed for 8 years,
over 500 office staff use this area daily

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It offers savings of up to 50% on core cleaning costs.

More than just another sealant, Wearmax innovates through the suspension of 120 million ceramic particles per square metre within its surface coat.

That makes it highly effective against signs of wear, abrasion and dirt adhesion, while also providing slip-resistance of typically 36+ (BS7976).

Reduced dirt adhesion makes its maintenance far easier. There’s no more need for polishing, buffing, application of maintainer, or stripping and sealing.

And being water based and simple to clean using less chemical use and waste, it’s also environmentally-friendly.

Versatile Wearmax is unlike any other surface treatment.

Its innovative use of ceramic particles within its constituent structure drives up a treated floor’s performance characteristics – drives down its maintenance needs and costs.

It can be applied over almost any flooring including vinyl, linoleum, wooden and parquet floors, natural rubber and synthetic rubber flooring, and varnished surfaces as well as approved mineral floors.

Last year, the UK disposed over 65,000 tonnes of used vinyl floors in landfill sites.

Their maintenance required the use of solvents, thinners, chemicals and strippers, the residue of which went to waste streams.

Wearmax has zero impact on landfill and does not require the use of any of the above in application nor maintenance.

A real bonus to your business’s sustainability performance, Wearmax increases the lifespan of already heavily worn floors and removes the budgetary and environmental burden of removal to landfill.

All you need for cleaning the new surface is water; no more harsh treatments and stripping chemicals. Wearmax is environmentally-considerate.

A highly cost-effective solution to flooring needs, Wearmax restoration is faster to implement than replacement, reducing disruption and interruption to your services.

Replacing floors can typically put working areas out of use for up to 7 days. Labour-saving Wearmax can have a floor typically back in use within 1-3 days, depending on repairs and colour/design requirements: that’s a saving in time of up to 80%.

Some areas can continue to be used during application; corridors, for example, can be treated half width at a time.

Wearmax offers to 60% on replacement Capex with savings of up to 50% on cleaning labour costs, up to 90% on chemical usage and waste; and there’s no need for polishing, buffing, stripping or sealing.

Read more in our Cost Modelling Fact Sheet

Wearmax not only brings existing designs back to life. Choose from our range of RAL standard colourings to import a fresh, new aesthetic back into your workplace. There’s more…

Opt for a flecked finish. Designate different colours to denote specific floor levels and user areas.

Embed graphics into your floor: logos, directional arrows, health & safety messaging.

A treatment of Wearmax opens the door to endless design possibilities and makes even the most worn out floor look like new.

Wearmax is a user-friendly solution: allergen-free, it’s hermetically-sealed upon application.

It comes with a 10-year warrantee, offering long-term protection against signs of wear and scratches.

It reduces the appearance of traffic lines and black marks and provides increased wear layer scratch resistance with slip resistance typically 36+ (BS7976), wet or dry.

That’s Wearmax – a compliant flooring solution that’s both a pleasure to look at and use.

Available in the UK via Samsic, Wearmax is one of many building maintenance and care innovations supplied by us. We are a global provider of facility management and human resource support services with 3000+ team members managing the needs of over 1700 customer sites in the UK via 12 regional offices.


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